Miami Pool Cleaning

Grove Boys is a Miami pool cleaning company specializing in monthly pool cleaning services in Miami and the surrounding South Florida area.

Pool cleaning and regular chemical balancing is integral to keeping the surface of your pool free from stains and premature fading. Proper Miami pool cleaning and chemical balancing can actually reverse some age related damage caused by a variety of outside factors.

Cleaning your pool can be a cumbersome task even for the most experienced home owners. Transporting chemicals in your everyday vehicle has been found to be the number one complaint among pool owners. Travel to the pool store, having chemicals tested, making the purchase, and returning home to actually begin the process can be a time consuming and cumbersome task that most pool owners give up on before the end of the first year of ownership in most cases.

Having a professional Miami Florida pool cleaning company can save you a POOL full of money and time. Each pool has a personality of its own and your pool cleaning professional should get to know that personality like the back of his or her hand. The re-surfacing and re-tiling of a pool can cost between $4,000 and $7,000 for a standard size swimming pool. If your pool is improperly cleaned or your chemicals are not kept in proper balance, this can result in staining, fading, uneven wear, and corrosion of your pool surface.

Pool cleaning doesn’t just stop at blue water. In order to keep your chemicals balanced, your pool pump, motor, and filtration systems all need to be in working order and functioning at maximum efficiency. If any or all of these parts are not running at their optimal potential, it can start a domino effect that can lead to a green pool and surface damage. Your pool cleaning professional is trained to spot these problems before they arise which is why Grove Boys Pool Service is here to help.

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