Fort Lauderdale Pool Cleaning

Grove Boys is a Fort Lauderdale pool cleaning company offering monthly pool cleaning services in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding South Florida area.

Fort Lauderdale pool cleaning may be harder than you think, it involves the use of a lot of chemicals but with the following guidelines, you need not worry about keeping your pool clean, just make sure that you follow the directions of the manufacturer on the chemicals package very carefully.

First task in your pool cleaning process is to note that the alkalinity, pH and calcium hardness are directly co-related so it will take you some guessing to get the ratios correct, remember also that you need to have the filter on every time you put any chemicals in it, this is especially so for acids.

To measure the calcium hardness, a water testing kit is used, the right quantity is from around 200 to 400 ppm. If it is lower, add calcium carbonate dehydrate to increase its hardness, if it is higher than usual, add sodium hexametaphosphate. Pour the chemicals in the pool about a foot and a half from the edge.

Next measure the alkalinity of the water, it should be between 150 to 80 ppm but keeping it at an average of 120 is best. If you need to adjust, you add sodium bicarbonate, however if it is a bit high and needs to be reduced you add sodium bisulphate which is dry acid.

Then you also need to measure the pH of the water, it should be between 7.3 and 7.6, if it is higher you lower it by adding sodium bisulphate, if you need to raise it you add sodium carbonate, add the chemicals as needed up to the time the pH is balanced.

Then you also need to treat the water with chlorine, you do this by putting chlorine granules into a container of water, remember to wear protective clothing each time you do this, stir the contents and then let the sediments settle for about 30 minutes, turn the filter on and pour the solution in the middle of the pool. Do this three or four times if is used frequently.

As you can see maintaining a swimming pool in Fort Lauderdale Florida can be a cumbersome task even for the most experienced home owners. Transporting chemicals in your everyday vehicle has been found to be the number one complaint among pool owners. Give Grove Boys Pool Service a call Today at (305) 490-3738 or visit our Contact Us page for further information on why you need us as your Fort Lauderdale pool cleaning professionals!