The Best Pool Maintenance Services

Maintenance of backyard swimming pool is a difficult task and consumes a lot of time. You need to “shock” the water with chlorine in high doses, adding powder to thwart growth of algae, and remove grimes by brushing the walls, and these should all be done in a weekly basis. The bottom of the pool should also be vacuumed at least once per week to avoid build up of dirt on the floor. Chemical levels should be done twice a week to make sure that the Ph levels are between 7.4 and 7.6 and alkalinity levels are between 80 and 120 ppm. Skimmers should also be cleaned, using a net to clean the surface and also test chlorine levels.

Many residents hire contractors to provide the following maintenance and repairs:

– Acid washing
– Renovating surface areas, including floor and walls
– Testing chemical levels and adding tablets as needed
– Resurfacing services
– Landscaping
– Pump and filter replacement
– Hot tub heater repair

Thanks to mild temperatures and a higher-than-average median income, many Orange County residents own swimming pools that require regular maintenance. Bordered to the north by Los Angeles Co. and to the southeast by San Diego Co., this area is home to some of the most expensive real estate in the country.

With all these pools lying around in the county, and with the high standard of living, the residents of the area needs the services of pool maintenance. These services are expected to be excellent, in terms of quality, liability, and insurance, aside from the regular pool maintenance activities. All of these services are offered by the best pool maintenance company in the area.

To cover all the requirements for excellent pool maintenance, professionals are tasked to perform these activities from the cleaning technicians and quality control. Even the personnel management is handled by highly trained professionals using advanced technologies to maintain not only the excellent services but also to monitor the activities of the field technicians.

The services rendered by the field technicians are not only monitored but also supported by other specialized staff to do specific activities and all of them are just a call away to provide troubleshooting in case of problems arising during the maintenance. In case of emergencies, they are on 24-hour watch, to provide emergency services that are called in by clients.

To maintain the excellent services rendered to clients, the quality control inspectors are deployed to the area when the cleaning technicians have completed their tasks. The inspectors will be explain to the client the activities and completed services, and also listen to them if they are satisfied or if they want more changes. These inspectors will also evaluate the completed services to ensure that everything is in order, and check if the technicians have done their work properly, so that when problems are encountered, it can be addressed immediately.

The services offered are not the only excellent factor from the company, but also they only use superior chemicals for your pool maintenance. The quality of such chemicals even greatly exceeds the quality of its competitors from other stores, and also the prices are discounted for clients who shop online.

The pool maintenance business is a one-stop shop for all your pool and spa needs. Providing its clients fast and reliable services which are handled by certified pool operators and professional pool services experts. They pride themselves with the excellent services they render and the regular inspection of the properties under their supervision to ensure that a high quality of service is provided.